David Richter (author)

David richter

He stepped towards her and she stepped back, not so sure about the look in his eyes.

" And what the hell do you want-", she snapped before he gripped the bottom of her chin forcing her to look up at him.

" You watch your fucking mouth", he said calmly and slowly. She tried to yank back but he reinforced his grip. 

" Fuck you Kevin", she mumbled. 

Next thing she knew he had pushed her to the ground by her shoulders. Kara was shocked that he was being so rough with her. She was even more shocked at how wet she was right now. Kevin pulled his semi hard cock out and grabbed a fistful of Kara’s long hair, steering her mouth to his dick.

" Kevin wait, what are you-", she whimpered, trying to hold him back by pushing his waist. 

" Shut up! Open your mouth", he commanded. Kara flinched from his overbearing tone, cutting off her words instantly. Then she looked up at him, just like she had done in his shower dreams. Her lips parted slightly and Kevin rammed his full dick into her mouth. Kara moaned out but it was muffled by his swollen member squeezing itself down her throat. 

It was warm and slippery inside, slob and precum leaked from the corners of her mouth as he pumped her throat slowly.

" Mmhmm. Damn your mouth feels so good babygirl" ,he moaned quietly. Kara didn’t know what to do. She was still pissed, but she was so turned on that she couldn’t stop. She had wanted him inside her all this time and having him in her mouth now, was a treat that she hadn’t expected. Kara had never given head before, but her throat was deep and slick. Kevin gripped her hair tightly, holding her still while he pumped himself into her slobbery mouth. She swallowed him deep making him tense up and quiver.

" I better not catch another niggas hands on you. You hear me?", he grunted as he forced himself completely down her throat, holding her forehead to his stomach. Kara whined and tried to pull back but Kevin held her head there as Kara gagged and coughed.

" I said do you hear me.. huh? You belong to me you understand? That’s what you wanted right? This is what you wanted, right?", he threatened. Kara couldn’t see his face but could sense in his tone that he needed an answer and she mustered to nod. He let her go and she spit out his dick as she coughed. Her eyes were watery and her lips were plump and red, saliva oozing from it to her chest. She looked up at Kevin, and before he could grab her head again she slurped his dick back into her mouth. 

" Good girl. I’m your daddy. From now on you better call me daddy too!", he panted.

 He was about to cum and Kara could feel his dick getting rock solid in her mouth.

" Yes daddy", she managed to muffle before he pulled off and shot his hot cum all over her chest. He moaned, stuffed his limp dick back in his pants, and left without another word. Kara sat on the cold floor covered in nut and sweat. She stood up wondering if she really knew what she had gotten herself into.

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