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Courtney thomas

I couldn't take my eyes off of it. 

I told him no, that I have never sucked a cock before but here I was staring at it. He must have seen the gleam in my eyes. The hunger of a starving man. A hand on my shoulder pressed me down onto the chair. Here was a man's cock hanging in my face, I could smell the musk, see the veins and the hair on his balls, the large smooth head. He said, "touch it". I lifted my hand to feel its girth, it had weight to it, firm and spongy at the same time. I lifted it to give me access to his balls. These too seemed bigger than mine. My mouth was dry and my heart was racing as I heard the words "It's OK, suck it".

With his hand on the back of my head I opened my mouth and let his cock enter. Wow, I thought this is not what I expected. It felt so natural. A cock, a huge cock filling my mouth, it felt so different than what I expected. Not sure what I was expecting but feeling the warmth on my tongue, its softness and slight salty taste was intoxicating. I needed more. As I started bobbing up and down on the shaft, stroking it with my hand feeling its girth and length. Stroking in rhythm to my sucking, to give him all the pleasure I could. I knew to keep my teeth back from scraping this magnificent cock. His bulbous head was perfect for letting me know not to pull too far off. I couldn't get more than a few inches in my mouth and then it started to get harder and bigger. Bigger? How could it get bigger?

His breathing changed. He started lightly thrusting and I let him use me. I had to now hold on to his thighs for support. I could feel the muscles in his legs flexing with power, the hair on his manly legs. The feeling of submission and yet the feeling of power knowing you are the one giving him this pleasure. He was getting close. I knew it. What was I going to do?

His breathing got more rapid, his legs and ass got tense, the trusting got faster and he was moaning ever so quietly. I never expected this to happen. Me! being the one sucking a cock. Me! pleasuring another man and he is about to cum in my mouth. Then as I was thinking about it, it happened, BAM! he trusted forward and I felt the first blast hit the roof of my mouth. I could fell his cock pulsing on my tongue. 

As he kept cuming I could now smell and taste it. Feel it in my mouth sliding down my throat and I was swallowing another mans cum without thought, it was so natural. He kept cuming, pulsing, holding my head so I couldn't move. We both were enjoying this moment. As he calmed down he stepped back and said "Wow, That was great for a first time cock sucker". There I was, my lips, jaw, roof of my mouth were sore. Spit and most likely cum on my chin and I felt great! The adrenaline rush still had me still shaking.

Now I know the Power of Cock! Once you're under its spell there is no escape. I went to the booths several more times after this. I never saw that bearded man again, but these stories are for a different time.

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