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He looked down and saw nothing wrong until he removed the quilt, his whole chest and stomach were covered in cuts and bruises, all the attacks Lucifer had done had sure left there marks on him

Jonah:- "Yeah i retract saying you look a mess, least you look better than me"

Celeste:- "Nobody ever looks better than you"

She let out a small smile then looked away from Jonah

Jonah:- "What's wrong.."

Before he even finished his question he had a faint idea of what might be bothering her, the fact that the last time they spoke they argued and never apologised, the fact that he could of died against Lucifer and he didn't seem to care

Jonah:- "I'm sorry, i was stupid and reckless but i did it for you, i couldn't let you get hurt, even though to be fair you did get hurt"

Celeste:- "You're an idiot Jonah"

Jonah:- "Thanks for letting me know"

Celeste:- "Jonah you don't need to protect me all the time, you don't need to feel like you have to take on every challenge that arises just so nobody else gets hurt, you don't need to fight alone"

Jonah:- "I do, fighting alone is what i do, when im alone nobody but me can get hurt"

Celeste:- "Jonah listen to me, you don't need to do that, people get hurt all the time, you need help to fight nowadays, so for once in your life listen and do as i tell you, STOP FIGHTING ALONE, accept help and realise that we fight together and we die together"

Jonah:- "No, i will keep fighting alone, when you die that's all we ever will be..ALONE"

Celeste:- "Jonah, listen to me, i don't want to lose you again, i lost you once and i don't want to have to go through that again"

Jonah:- "Yeah well, i don't care anymore okay, i would be better off alone, better off without you"

Celeste:- "Jonah.."

Jonah:- "No, look i do love you but you never understand, you lied to me and that was the worst thing you could of ever done, how can i trust you anymore, i don't think i ever will be able to, so listen to me closely, me and you..were through"

Jonah didn't give Celeste a chance to protest, he climbed out of bed and walked to the door, he may have been beaten down but he couldn't stay in a room with Celeste anymore, he needed to get away from her, she had no chance at following him as she had a broken leg, that made it easier for him to leave, he needed to get away from the camp, he had so much he needed to do and so much he wanted to find out, he quickly rushed to his cabin and packed his bag, put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, grabbed his spare sword, just a plain gold sword, and then he ran, he ran towards the gates and was gone.

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