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But, I was not the only one to leave the school that way. I made damn sure Mike did too.

Next morning in the staff room, was a bit of an uncertain few moments to be honest. We didn't know if anyone knew what had happened, but it turns out that they didn't. 

Then Elsie walked in and saw me and Mike. She smiled at us both, but not so cruelly this time. I had a lot to thank Elsie for, and I took the opportunity to do so when we found ourselves alone later in the day. Mike did too. All three of us kept the lid on it. Elsie had explained to both of us in a most direct manner, but then, that was Elsie; a spade was a spade with her. For Mike, it was a warm warning not to make things obvious. You see, Mike was a married man but had been going through a sour time with his wife. We all knew that, but Elsie, with her vast experience of being in a staff room environment, knew he had a lot of pent up frustration inside of him and that it was affecting his teaching. With Ofsted looming, she did not want a fine teacher to go down the pan because his personal life was causing him problems. Our staff room romp had put things right for both of us that night.

As for my warning, well it was a lot different for me as I wasn't married. The reason why I had to keep a lid on it was twofold. First, the obvious one. Mike was not the flavour of the month with a number of the teachers; two guys who were jealous of him, presumably his cock size; and two of the women who had made moves on Mike to find out about his 'Hung Low' nickname, but Mike blew them both out. Any one of those four were vicious enough to happily let slip to Mike's wife what he had been getting up to, just out of sheer spite. As for the second, well it seems I was the subject of sexual fantasies for a number of the male teachers. According to Elsie, had things worked in the other direction, I may have had to contend with no fewer then three cocks that night in the staff room.

Mike? Oh! He eventually became a deputy head teacher at a different school. His marriage had picked up by then, which I was glad about because since our staff room romp, we had met up several times, and it always had the same happy ending - me fucked senseless and Mike totally shattered, and on one occasion he did talk to me about becoming an item with him, he was that close to divorcing his wife. I don't know why, but I turned him down.....Yes....I would never have had another day, or even hour of sexual frustration to contend with, ever again, but I preferred the excitement of being his whore, rather then a home-wrecker. He was okay with that and I think it spurred him on to repairing the things that were broken at home with his wife. That said, we still meet a couple of times every year, and it always has the same fucked senseless and Mike totally shattered. 

You ask about what happened over the sexual fantasies of the three other teachers? Oh that!..... Well....that is another story for another time."

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