Chris Felder (author)

Chris felder

I lay on the bed next to him and opened his pants. I moved his clothes down and fished out his soft cock. I looked at his tool before lifting it in my hand. Licking the tip then I laid it so I could nibble my way down to his full sack. 

I rolled his balls around with my lips and tongue. By the time I got back to his cock head he was hard. I sucked his head as deeply in my mouth as I could. Working my fist up and down the shaft until his moans told me he was ready.

I dropped my clothes in a pile on the floor and laying on the bed. I pulled my legs up and back until my knees were nearly to my chest. Ray took lubricant and coated my hole inside and out. I was moaning the whole time as he probed me.

He ran his cock up and down my crack before working his cock into me. I groaned as he pushed deeper until his balls slapped my ass. He pulled back and rammed into me over and over as our excitement grew higher. His speed increased until we were both panting as he used my ass for his joy and mine. The clear juices leaking from my cock painted a shiny spot in his pubic hair as he squished my cock between us.

We groaned as we slammed together. I put my feet on the bed and raised up so he could get deeper inside me. I felt my ass stretching as his cock got harder and ready to fill me with his fluids. He shoved in and froze as his cock exploded inside me. His hammering my prostate made me shoot all over my stomach as his cock slowly shrank in my hole.

I dozed off for an hour or so. I lay with my eyes closed while Ray sucked and licked my balls and cock. I rolled on my side and slowly stroked him hard before returning his blowjob with one of my own. I have found I can hold off longer when I am concentrating on giving someone else pleasure. Ray's tool is twice my length but mine is thicker. So each cock has its merits. Who could have known two older married men were in the middle blowing each other in a no-name motel on a quiet back street in mid-Michigan?

Ray got on his hands and knees and I entered him from behind. I grabbed his hips and slowly worked my cock in and out until we were both moaning again. I felt Ray's calloused hand cupped my sack as I stepped up my pace. I rammed him in erratic bursts as I neared release. Ray pushed back taking all my cock and squeezing his sphincter to increase the friction on my cock. I gave Ray all my juices as he came as well. Spraying his juices on the cheap motel comforter.

We showered together, jacking each other off one more time before dressing and going our separate ways.

I read somewhere that Greek writers were quoted as saying men had sex with women for procreation. And that men had sex with men for pure pleasure. You will get no argument from me. I enjoy my wife or did until she refused my advances. But part of me will always want another man inside me. So Ray and I had plans for another meeting.

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