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Charlie koh

She looked unsure, thought about it for a moment and made me promised not to tell anyone - including Teagan. I quickly promised - I was genuinely concerned for her.

She turned around, spread her legs apart, bent over the table and lifted her skirt. She was not wearing any panties and I got a clear view of her bald pussy. And above the very naked, very beautiful pussy, was a jewel - THE BUTTPLUG! Mystery solved.

She explained that one of her friends-with-benefits convinced her to try buttplugs to train her ass for anal sex. She reluctantly agree. And today she finally got the courage to put it in to surprise him. Unfortunately, it got really uncomfortable so she tried to remove it in the public toilet but it wouldn’t come out. So she left him there and rushed home in a panic.

I considered it for awhile - while admiring her in that position. Bent over, legs apart, pussy ripe for fucking, and ass all filled up.

I tried to gently pull the buttplug out but she would have none of it. I told her that she is clamping down on it, that is why it is stuck. She needs to relax and let me pull it out. She shot me a look and told me to try to relax with that huge buttplug deep in my ass.

I told her to trust me and got on my knees. I got a really close look at her pussy. I believe it got wetter when she felt my warm breath. Then I gently stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy. She moaned and I took that as invitation to continue so I kept licking and started to slide a finger into her pussy - and then a second finger not long after.

She started to rock her hips too - she seem to have forgotten about the buttplug. As I fucked her with two fingers and my tongue, my other hand gentle twist the buttplug as I started pulling. Her asshole resisted a little bit - but eventually her asshole released the buttplug - and she had a massive orgasm.

Sarah grab onto the table and started tiptoeing as I finger fucked her and her asshole released the buttplug. After a second or so on her tiptoes, she collapsed on the table squashing her massive boobs, and she had a silly smile on her face.

"That was amazing" she mumbled to herself.

We heard a flush and Sarah quickly covered up and grab the buttplug off me and toss it into her hand bag.

"You should always knock, Sarah. You know the door can’t be closed fully" Teagan complaint. Sarah apologies and said that she needed to do her business really badly too. And so she went into the bathroom, handbag in hand.



In the middle of the night, a couple of days later, I was woken up by some giggling in the shower. Teagan was deep asleep in my arms and Sarah was snoring softly in her bed. 

So I looked up, and saw two figures in the shower. It took awhile for my eyes to adjust from the total darkness of the room to the bright lights of the shower. But my cock was already standing in anticipation of what I might see very soon.

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