Carrie Rivera (author)

Carrie rivera

Every time she buried her cock in my ass I can feel the head press against my prostate bringing me to the ultimate euphoria! She continued with slow long strokes as she watched the erotic emotion on my face. Each time she pressed deep in my ass the harness pressed on her clit bringing her to the point of orgasm. Her pussy was dripping as she continued stroking her cock slowly in and out of my ass. She had put another dido in her pussy so it was stretching her soaked hot pussy as well. She moaned in rhythm with me as she continued the slow sensual assault. She continued to lay her body on top of mine feeling my Throbbing cock press against her belly. She slowly sat up and grabbed my legs under her arms. With a steady rhythm and an oil soaked cock she begin to stroke me as I have never felt before! As she pounded my ass the pressure pounded her clit and pushed her dildo further up inside her throbbing pussy as well, bringing her almost to orgasm once again! Suddenly she stops pulls her cock from my ass and demands for me to put a pillow under my ass to give her the ultimate angle to penetrate me as deep as she could. As she slowly presses deeper inside of me she says "You are my cock slut tonight!" She begins fucking my ass at a steady rhythm slowly at first only to continue to get harder and harder. Occasionally she stops at her deepest point only to grind the cock in my ass and putting pressure on her clit as well. She then starts to stroke my swollen member as my balls are about to explode! I have never felt something so intense in my life I thought! She stops as she's half way in me and says " Are you ready to cum yet you cock whore?" she asks. "Oh I am so ready I say" as she presses my legs towards my chest she says " I am ready to make us both cum you cock loving slut!" She grabs her well lubed cock and once again presses into my ass. It was the most intense feeling I have ever felt! She starts off again with a slow steady rhythm continuing to get faster and faster as she goes deeper and deeper. As her dong presses against her clit she is about to climax just as I. As her Rhythm gets faster and faster and deeper and deeper she moans as much as I. I can feel her cock stretching my ass and making my cock harder at the same time. She suddenly reaches down and grabs my oil soaked cock Strokes it slightly. And she continues to pound my ass I cannot take it anymore and suddenly with an extraordinary climax I shoot a load all over my belly. She continues as she sees the cum pumping from my swollen cock she continues to stroke my ass. She presses one last time deep into my ass and she comes to a climax as in sequence. She collapses on top of me and asks me "Do you like being my cock slut?" I had no choice but to say " I love being your slut!"

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