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Carrie mitchell

Naked in an instant they led her to the grand four poster bed across the room.

"I’ll take her ass" said Millers.

"No" said Kiki; "You both will" she added with a grin.

It was decided that Garvet would lie on his back with Kiki on top facing him to fuck her pussy; and Millers would work his cock in her ass from behind. It was an easy access for all concerned; their balls touching as they got into a rhythm.

"Like that slut" teased Garvet?

"I sure fucking do" Millers answered first.

"There is no feeling like two cocks fucking me at once" she moaned.

"We promised you the fuck of your life and you are having it".

"Kiki could feel her self nearing climax and begged "Faster, harder fuck me"

The boys knew she was ready and gave it everything; the trio splashed out their discharges almost simultaneously. "Thanks boys; that was my first ever double up; don’t know about taking you’re cum back to America; but I sure would like to take you two fuckers".  

"We are not finished yet" said Garvet as he moved her arm behind her to the attached silk cord and fastened her wrist; Millers did the same with her other hand.

"You are going to have the oral and fingering of your life as well as the fucking"

The tongues and fingers got to work on her cunt; the main target was her clit as it made her ooze with sighs. They soon found her G. Spot and the inevitable orgasm followed.

"You two are fucking good"

"We are? You are one in a million Kiki" they both agreed.

"I’m ready for the second double up" enthused Millers.

"Fuck me on the side" she asked.

After untying her they first had a good grope of her tits as they were difficult to access during the double up; and they were not tits you wanted to neglect. It was another pleasure for Kiki to feel two mouths around her nipples.

"This is so nice my fuck holes are desperate".

Sandwiched between them on her side; again her cunt and ass entry was easy.

"Kiki said "I don’t think any of us need instruction; let’s fuck".

They began pounding away as if it was their first fuck; faster and harder.

"What a gorgeous gripping pussy you have" moaned Millers.

"Fuck it then, fuck it;" she cried.

Millers was almost ready to cum and he took it out of her pussy and began violently face fucking her shouting "Swallow it you fucking bitch slut".

Kiki had no intentions of doing anything else but swallow it; and she had her orgasm with a mouth full of cum and the feel of Garvets spunk streams flowing into her ass. 

The trio were now just about fucked out; "One more thing to do: bring your cock to my mouth Garvet".

She took it deep in her throat before releasing it shiny clean.

They both kissed her in sheer admiration; "What will you tell the other girls" they asked her.

"I will tell them I have been riding a horse around the estate that is why I am walking bow legged".

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