Carolyn Williams (author)

Carolyn williams

The guys clap at her submission, as Duke pulls Stacy's bra down, exposing her beautiful, suckable B-cup breasts and her unexpectedly hard nipples. The guys clap and make wolf whistles at the sight, and Duke plants light kisses upon each nipple in turn.
He reaches under Stacy's skirt next, and she knows what's coming. "No, please, don't--!" she cries, but Duke pulls her panties down to the ankles of her sleek, black come-fuck-me boots. Stacy begins to cry again, humiliated at the cat-calls calling her a "hot slut" and other things...and then Duke drops his pants, revealing a hardened white cock at least 8 inches long! Stacy starts to squirm, trying desperately to get free of the constraints...but a solid smack across her beautiful, tight ass calms her down instantly. Duke pulls the chair closer, and nods to one of his friends, who goes off to the side, out of sight. She can hear a winch turning, and the pressure on her waist and arms lessens just slightly as her hips lower into Duke's eager hands. "You know, you should be careful about wearing come-fuck-me boots...otherwise, someone might come fuck you."
With that, he sits on the chair and grabs Stacy's legs, spreading them as he lowers her toward him over her cries and screams of protest. In spite of the squirming and begging him to stop, Stacy's pussy opens readily as his hard cock starts to slide in. Her head rears back and her mouth pops open, letting loose with a cry of surprise and abashed pleasure as Duke's cock impales Stacy like her husband's never could! Once Duke plants Stacy firmly on his lap with his hard cock lodged deeply inside, he takes hold of her waist once more and pulls her forward, resting her tearful face against his chest. He shushes her gently, amidst the cheers of his friends. Reaching under her armpits now, he begins lifting Stacy up and down on his cock. It's a mixture of rough and gentle, and the fact that he's so strong in being able to lift her up this way is an unexpected turn-on for Stacy! She tries to protest, to ask him to stop, to resist the feeling...but it's no use. Before long, Stacy's helping him as best she can, keeping her legs spread wide to accept his hard white cock, and even becomes accepting of his sperm as it shoots inside her, rushing against the tide of her pussy juice as she orgasms loudly.
Duke leans Stacy forward and kisses her on the lips, and she's unable to resist in the slightest now. She just accepts it as his tongue enters her mouth and tames her own. After the kiss, he begins to lick, nibble and suck on Stacy's breasts and her all-too-hard nipples, and she can't do anything but moan loudly, unable to fight the amazing sensation of his cock pulsing inside, releasing its seed into her in an almost steady flow.
Stacy glances around in her haze of ecstacy...and then realizes that his other friends are taking off their pants now, too...

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