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.After what seemed like ages my cock with the aid of Sharon’s magical tongue and her hand slowly wanking me to hardness, my body slumped onto the bed and I dragged Sharon to a position over my face so that I could get a closer look at her bald wet pussy eager to flick my tongue around in inside her wet pussy forcing her lower and into a 69 position I then had all her charms at eye level and started licking and sucking like my life depended on it . Teasing her clitoris seemed to have the most desired effect when she started to grind her pussy into my mouth my hands reaching to tweak at her hardened nipples then return upwards and placing my hands firmly on her arse and spreading her arse cheeks to inspect and check her arsehole first rubbing it with my finger then flicking across with my tongue along the rim. 

Sharon pushed me down and straddled on top of me, moaning loudly as she forced my cock inside her again. With my dick inside her, she rocked herself back and forth on top of me violently. Her gorgeous tits bounced up and down as she impaled herself on my long prick. Christine continued to finger herself watching Sharon ride my dick for all it was worth, her pussy squeezing my dick harder with every orgasm. I could not believe that Christine was getting herself off at the sight of Sharon fucking the shit out of me, but Christine was thrilled to see her best mates experiencing some of the first orgasms together. Sharon continued to get off on my dick, bouncing up and down on my cock, her long blond hair flying everywhere, but I knew I wouldn't be able to take much more of this but Sharon was really bouncing on my cock now and her big heavy tits were bouncing in every which way with no apparent rhythm. I reached up and grabbed her tits pulled her nipples hard, making her cry out in pain and maybe a strong thrust up into her cunt as I shot load after load into her wanting pussy.

Part five


My cock was covered in a thick layer of gooey white sperm. Come over here and lick it up. I said with a glimmer in my eyes. Sharon and Christine shot up and then they lowered their faces to my crotch, just above the gooey mass. Sharon pulled her hair back so she could see . Sharon’s tongue reached out and touched the mass of cunt and ass sperm and licked it up into her mouth. Sharon seemed to wretch and grabbed for her stomach, but she then regained her composure, opened her mouth and gobbled up almost the whole portion. Swallowing hard as she choked down that sperm as if it were warm jell. Sharon’s face was a mess with cum splattered all over After I succumbed to Christine’s forceful mouth. She brought me to the edge, and then began jacking me off, allowing me to explode onto both of their faces. Before cleaning themselves off, they shared a long deep kiss and agreed how good I tasted. …… and said we must do this again ….SOON

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