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Brittney robinson

She couldn’t believe herself as hse opened her mouth and let the hot golden liquid flow into her mouth. She slurped down all of it.The golden shower hitting her made Toomi cum as hard as ever. She was feeling a new sense of thrill and excitement. This pleased Aliza, who then released the sash with a big grin on her face. She gave Toomi a small spank on the butt and motioned her into the old cottage.

The next day, Toomi and Aliza reached the catacombs, the inner dungeons that led to Andariel’s lair. The place sent a chill down their spines as they climbed down rung after rung of ladders and stairs. Toomi was hell bent on revenge, and Aliza’s ass and not Andariel was on her mind. As Aliza led the way, Toomi thought of a clever plan. She removed her panties and wadded them to form a small ball. She then hurled it at Aliza. It hit Aliza on the back of her head and she spun around only to see Toomi holding her skirt up and making a cute face. The fat labia and the engorged clit was all that Aliza wished to see as she darted towards the bare flesh. Toomi side stepped and dodged Aliza to perfection and tripped her. Now that Aliza was sprawled on the floor, Toomi undid her sash and tied Aliza’s legs. She then cut her bow string and tied Aliza’s hands together.
Aliza was in a highly vulnerable position. Facing away from Toomi and on all fours, with hands and legs tied-the doggy position. Toomi piut two of her fingers into Aliza’s mouth and ordered her to lube them up with her spit. She then ripped off Aliza’s thong and with her belt gave a loud resounding smack on her pink bare naked ass that sent an echo across the dungeons. Aliza yelped but Toomi was going to have none of it. She slid her finger slowly into Aliza’s anus. Aliza begged for mercy, but it fell on deaf ears. 
"My My My…Look what we have here… a big bubble butt surrounding a tight wet sopping cunt." Toomi barked. She slapped the ass with one hand as the finger from the other hand slowly made its way into Aliza’s rectum. Now that it was fully in, she withdrew it suddenly disappointing Aliza. And without any further notice, she rammed it in again in one single stroke, leading to a sharp cry of anguish from Aliza. This act of deflowering her ass had made her pussy sopping wet. Toomi was now fingering Aliza’s ass at full speed and all ALiza could do was scream and grunt as she wet the dungeon floor and wave after wave of orgasm hit her. She then collapsed into a heap on the floor. Toomi then positioned herself in a similar way on Aliza’s face as Aliza couldn’t help but chuckle at the way she had been outdone by the cunning outlander. Toomi held Aliza’s mouth open and pissed straight into it. It filled up Aliza’s mouth and some of it forthed out. Toomi closed Aliza’s mouth and held her grip until Aliza had gulped all of it down. She then untied her hands as both of them shared a deep, passionate and very salty kiss.

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