Brian Newton (author)

Brian newton

"I might have to come and do this again." He tells me as he buttons up his shirt, "give me your phone number so I can tell you if I decide to come and punish that little ass again."

"I’d really like that daddy." I tell him before finding my phone and reading out my number for him.

He walks towards the front door and I follow him like a little lost puppy, he opens the door and stops, he turns around to face me and kisses me with that same hardness that he had earlier and even so soon after cumming I feel my cock start to rise again. 

Tom looks down at my cock that is now at half mast and smiles that vicious smile, he reaches down and grabs my cock then gives it a couple of slow tender strokes before letting go eliciting a moan of pure need from my lips.

"Please daddy." I beg him but he just looks at me cruelly.

"You’ll have to deal with that yourself my little whore." He tells me with a cruel glint in his eyes before he turns on his heels and strolls out of the door taking a couple of steps down the hallway before he turns around again and speaks, "take care my little whore."

"Bye daddy." I say softly but still loud enough for him to hear my words.

I closed my apartment door and took in the sight of my apartment, my cum was in thick strands across my sofa and there was vomit on the floor not far in front of it that was quickly solidifying into a disgusting mess. I walked slowly over to my sofa and as I did I became aware of Tom’s cum leaking out of my gaping asshole and trickling down my legs and I loved it, I smiled to myself as I sat down on the sofa and took my now fully erect cock in my hand and started to slowly run my hand up and down it as I let the still fresh memories run through my mind.

I remember the feel of his cock slamming into the back of my throat making me gag and choke but also making me want more, how his cock had stretched my ass to point of agonising pain and orgasmic pleasure, how he had filled my ass with his cum, how he had made me beg him to fuck me with that huge cock that I could still see when I closed my eyes and how he had called me a whore then suddenly a realisation hit me, he hadn’t called me a whore but he had called me his whore and that realisation pushed me over the edge and the orgasm hit me hard.

"Oh fuck I’m daddy’s little whore." I cried as I shot a massive load of cum onto the floor in front of the sofa adding more to the mess that was my living room. I realised I was going to have to clean all of this cum and vomit up but that could wait until later after I’d had some sleep because I was absolutely drained from how hard daddy had fucked me, from being awake for so long and the alcohol still running through my veins. 

I curled up on the sofa feeling my cum underneath me and daddy’s cum still leaking slowly out of my ass, I smiled as I closed my eyes, I was daddy’s little whore and I hoped daddy would come and visit his whore again soon.

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