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Brandi hollis

I could have remotely expected such a question from Shelly, but from Tina...never. Yet, there it was just lingering there in the air, six people staring at me waiting for an answer to the absurd question. I answered, "Sometimes."

"How often?" Tina questioned.

I shrugged, "I don't keep stats."

"More than once a month?"


"More than once a week?"


"Interesting," Tina said, letting her response to my humiliating answer linger for all to contemplate.

Markus grabbed the coin and tossed it in the air. It landed at his feet and I, now very drunk and unable to see to clearly, bent down to see what it was. Heads.

Markus looked down at me deadly serious, at my subservient position, and dared, "I dare you to suck my cock, Bridgette."

I gasped. "What?"

He began immediately to pull down his pants as he repeated, "I dare you to suck my cock, Bridgette. Don't pretend you don't want to."

Looking at the big black snake, I definitely wanted to, although I even more definitely wanted it inside me. I was fucking hornier than I could ever remember being and desperately wanted to be fucked. Deciding 'fuck it', I grabbed his massive black rod and leaned forward, taking it in my mouth.

He moaned, "Good girl."

Wanting to be a good girl for him, I bobbed up and down on his cock ignoring the audience, who were probably watching in shocked awe. Soon I forgot them and I began to rub myself as I slobbered on his cock. I don't know if I was really good, or if he has a quick trigger, but in only a couple of minutes of concentrated cocksucking I felt a sudden spray splash the back of my throat. I didn't slow down and swallowed every last drop of his salty seed, all the while rubbing my clit attempting to get myself off.

Suddenly I was brought back to the cold reality...I had just sucked off a co-worker in front of a group of friends as Shelly announced, "My turn."

Markus pulled his dick out of my cocksucking lips and said, "That was great, Bridgette. You are a natural born cocksucker."

What does one say to such a compliment? Thanks? I remained silent, suddenly paralyzed by my actions.

Shelly pulled me up and said, "For the last round of the game Bridgette, I am going to give you a buy one, get one free, deal."

"How so?" I asked, staring into her hypnotic eyes, as her hand went under my skirt and to my wet pussy.

"I am going to give you one truth and one dare," she revealed.

"OK," I replied mindlessly.

"Truth first," she smiled, her finger easily parting my glistening pussy lips and sliding inside my wanton pussy.

"Kkkkkkkk," I moaned, greatly distracted by her touch.

"Do you want to eat my pussy in front of all our friends and then be ravished by the rest of the group?"

"Desperately," I moaned, wanting everything she just said to happen.

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