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Benny perez

After only about five minutes, I heard him begin to pant and groan. Instead of filling me with his liquids, he pulled out, and the stuff sprayed into a puddle on my tummy. With a sick smile, he reached up, and spread it all over my stomach and tits. I lay there, trembling, and exhausted by all this. But it was not over.
            Before I was allowed to leave, two more men showed themselves. They both came inside me, and I thanked God I was on the pill. Before it had time to ooze out, one of them pulled out a small egg vibrator, turned it on, and shoved it in to hold in their cum. As they taped the controller to the inside of my thigh, I felt myself already starting to shake with the vibrations in my cunt. One of the men, I was so dazed by all the fucking, I didn’t even remember which one, stood me up and buttoned the coat around me. When they fastened the ball gag around my head, I knew it must be time for me to return to Master.
             They pushed me out the door, and at least this time, it was darker outside. I couldn’t walk fast because my legs were trembling, and felt like Jell-O. The egg inside my cunt only intensified the feeling. I made my way slowly to Master’s door and rang the bell.
            When he answered it, I felt relief, of all things. I knew that, whatever Master may do to me, he would take care of me too. As he pulled me inside, and took the coat off, I allowed myself to relax a little bit. The first thing he did was remove the ball gag. Letting my mouth hang open, I allowed the sore muscles to relax. Then, his gentle fingers untied the breast harness, which I had nearly forgotten, and pulled it off of me. He pulled me to a bathroom, sat me on the toilet, and wiped down my face and chest with a cool washcloth. Then I was returned to the bed, where he did not remove the leather cuff, but tied it to the bedpost. My ankles were once again tied to the footboard. With a deviant smile, he switched off the egg and pulled it from inside me. Immediately, a rush of the men’s cum flooded from my cunt. I saw him smile as he watched it. When it seemed that the worst of it had come out, he pulled a dildo, as thick as the one in my ass, from the drawer on the table. I moaned quietly as he pushed it into my abused pussy. Then he stood and smiled kindly at me.
            "You have done well for your first day," he murmured to me. I felt a blanket being pulled over me. Already I felt my eyelids drooping.
            "Master," I whispered, my voice slurring with sleep, "Are you going to take the dildo out of my ass?"
            He shook his head, and responded, "No, slave I will not. It will be removed tomorrow, for some more play. Sleep now. In the morning, we start again."
            With that wonderful prospect on my mind, two dildos shoved deep inside me, and my wrists and ankles tied to the bed, I drifted off to exhausted, satisfied sleep.

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