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Beleza jones

Soon they, their parents all said how special I was at counseling them and the school set me up as a counselor for ’Special Problems.’ The conference room had an outside door to it and they put ’Special Counsel’ on it and I had the only key. I was aroused all the time now between the two, and there were more to come. I ended up with five guys I ’wanked’ each week.

….I had a boyfriend who was pretty lackluster. He was a nerd and we did ’quick fucks’ now and again but I was getting way more pussy thrills from my ’special’ guys.

… As males and females do, we all wanted more. I now stood behind them and pushed my tits into their back. I would reach around and quietly say in their ear to think about the girl they would most like to have sex with while I wanked them. They all said…"You, Miss. D"….this always make me hot and I played with their ball to add to their wank. 

….We slowly all wanted more and new thrills. I gave in and let Pete feel my tits. It was exciting and soon they all felt me up. Jason was the first to rub my pussy. I just didn’t stop him as it felt so damn good to have my clit rubbed as I wanked him. 

….Now….we all thought about the same thing….full sex. It was getting to a fever pitch now as I wanted to have sex with all of them and they me. 

…Pete told me later that they all got together at his house. They planned this out for me, as they all wanted to do something special for me, …plus…have sex with me. It was a Friday and Jason was last on my list to wank after school. When I unlocked the door….all 5 of them walked in and locked the door. Jason spoke from a written note: "Dear sweet Miss. D. We all love you and want to do something special for you. Please let us pleasure you as you have pleasured us so very many times."

 ….I just stood there smiling, not knowing how to respond. They all slowly started taking my clothes off. They brought a blanket and spread it on the rug. They laid me on the blanket naked and they started in feeling, kissing, licking and rubbing my pussy. My eyes closed with such great feeling. Hands all over me, tongues licking me, many fingers all over my pussy. Kisses on my tits and nipples. You would call it a ’gang bang’ I called a ’Love Bang" I was getting. 

…Pete had won the toss and he was my first to have sex with me. He felt wonderful putting that erection of his inside my pussy. I began to moan. They had never heard me moan and I reached out for two of their big cocks. I began to suck on them. They were so excited they started cuming right away. 

 ....I let them cum right in my mouth as I wanked them. Pete flooded my pussy and now another took his place. I sucked all of them and fuck them all until they were all completely spent. I had lost track on how many orgasm’s I had…..

….I looked at all their smiling faces and smiled back. I told them all they were bad boys and would need lots of counseling……. 

They all cheered……

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