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Barry ditmanson

Instead of a hotel maid or some other member of the hotel staff we thought, it’s Bianca that enters, still in her wedding dress. She can tell on our faces that she knows what was really happening. 

Diane explained anxiously: "Diane, sweetheart, Terry and I were just…spending some time together." Bianca said: "Mom, I know you are in love with Terry and I’m not angry at you or Terry for that." 

I interrupted: "Bianca, I’m in love with your mom and, I know you might be upset…" Bianca says: "I’m not. Mom and I are lovers and we usually kiss and embrace each other like lesbians. She even breastfed me when I was a teenager."

 I felt a bit surprised. "I didn’t know about that...although it’s none of my business." Bianca replied: "Mom and I like to keep to ourselves." 

Diane and Bianca join and wrap their arms around each other. "I love you, Mom." "I love you too, sweetheart." Bianca and Diane kissed each other like lesbians rather than mother and daughter. 

Diane brought Bianca over to the bed and laid her down on her back. And with help from me, Diane lifted the bottom of Bianca’s wedding dress up to her large bosoms, revealing her bare legs underneath. As my penis was still firm and moist, I gently pushed it into Bianca’s vagina. 

Every time I pumped my penis, her breasts shook and she moaned. I went into the bathroom for to go to the toilet, Bianca and Diane were left on the bed. Diane massaged the outline of Bianca’s breasts on the front of her white wedding dress. "You are such a beautiful girl!" Diane lifted up her top to reveal her huge breasts again. 

She brought the nipple to Bianca’s mouth for suckling on to. Diane started breastfeeding her daughter in her wedding dress. Bianca was enjoying the sweet taste of her mother’s breast milk from her huge soft tits. 

While she is embracing her daughter to her breast, Diane placed her hand under Bianca’s wedding dress and touched her daughter’s pussy with her red fingernails. "You are my favourite daughter, Bianca!" Bianca was very happy when she replied: "Mom, there will no wedding as great as this. I’m glad you are here with me and Terry." Diane smiled and kissed her daughter on the cheek.

After I returned from the bathroom, Bianca, Diane and I stripped out of our wedding outfits and tossing them onto the floor until we were fully naked cause of the heat in the room. Diane’s breasts were equally huge and brown coloured to Bianca’s breasts. 

As I rested onto the bed, Diane snuggled up beside me and laid her head on my chest. Bianca huddled up on my other side and I kissed on the back of her head. I scratched Bianca’s sweaty bare back as she was having difficulty reaching and scratching an itch on her back. 

Seeing my new wife and her mother completely naked, made my penis stick out long and firm. As the three snuggled closer together, we fell asleep through the rest of my wedding night.

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