Ayye Wesley (author)

Ayye wesley

Hands braced against the wall she watched over her shoulder as he knelt behind her and placed his hands on her hips and then started kissing and licking the cheeks of her ass, beautifully and geometrically dived by the tiny black G string she still wore.

‘Hold this’, he said, taking her right hand from the wall and placing it on his very hard cock.

At the same time he rolled her tiny G string over her magnificent and well endowed ass, kissing it continually.

‘Feel any different’, he said with a smile she could not see and appreciate, knowing full well that his erection had grown at least two sizes with his favorite turn on of ass kissing. Especially this one. Magnificent, dimple free twin orbs, which he was covering with his tongue as he kissed them, his cock responding with each lick. This has to be the best formed and sweetest ass on earth he thought, totally immersed in his pleasure, his groin aching for release. 

"Glad you like my ass’, she purred. ‘I hoped you would. I have been saving it for you. I want you to fuck me in this position from behind. Fuck me now. Like that,’ she said as he stood behind her and and placed the head of his erection against her clitoris.

‘Fuck me right now. Like that. Give it to me. Right now. I want you pumping in me,’ she ordered sliding his greatest ever erection into herself as he grasped her generous cheeks from behind and started an urgent rhythm.

He was so turned on and surprised by by this fabulous woman he was fucking in one of his favorite positions, (and he learnt later, hers also), that he almost forgot the oil he had prepared - just in case.

Noticing the oil in its hiding place, out of the corner of his eye, he slid his erection out of her and turned her around, and led her to the bed, neither saying a word as they covered the short distance.

As he lay her on the bed on her side, her back to him so he could kiss, fondle and lick her fabulous ass some more, heightening his desire at the same time, he felt sure his erection was even bigger than before.

As he opened the oil he said to her, slowly, ‘I want to anoint your beautiful, gorgeous ass before I fuck it like it has never been fucked before. Believe me?’

Without looking at him, she was enjoying having his hands smear her ass with oil, she said, "Yes, I believe you. And I want you to."

As she lifted her ass to facilitate his hands and the oil she used her hand to feel his erection and anticipate slapping into her from behind and pounding into the ripe cheeks of her ass.

Sufficiently oiled he slid the full length of his erection into her as slowly as he could bear. Then he slowly, slowly built up to the most memorable orgasm ever. His hands holding the full, oily twin orbs of her gorgeous ass as he worked away, trying to heighten the pleasure for both of them. Kneading and manipulating the full ripe cheeks of her ass. Slamming into her ass with a fantastic, slapping, noise that turned them both on to simultaneous orgasm.

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