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Lips met in a languid kiss, but the position was too awkward to keep up for long, and the two broke apart.

When the two broke apart, Neress looked and was pleased to see, from Bellemir's closed eyes, parted lips, and shorter breaths, that she hadn't misjudged. Moving both her hands to the lady's waist, a quick heave pinned her between Neress and the cell wall, the narrowness of the bed pushing the women's bodies together, breast to breast, stomach to stomach, hip to hip, their breath touching the other's face. Lips met, then tongues touched and began to dance; exchanging caresses, moving from mouth to mouth, touching deeply.

Finally, the kiss broke by mutual consent. Gazing on Bellemir's face, Neress stroked her side several times, and then began to laugh.

"What?" Bellemir said in a hurt tone.

"It's just . . . between this cot and our clothes there's not much else we can do now? Much as I might like to."

Bellemir's eyes danced. "Oh, I think we can manage something."

As the two moved back into a kiss, Bellemir's feet moved under Neress's skirts, caressing her legs and pushing the skirt upward. At the same time Bellemir took Neress's hand and brought it under her coat to where the drawstring of her skirt was fastened. As Neress undid the drawstrings on Bellemir's skirts, and moved beneath them to lightly stroke the lady's stomach, ass, and thighs, Bellemir continued to work Neress's skirts towards her waist finally reaching the point where her free hand could dip inside Neress's pantaloons. Finally, together, the two women touched the other's slit.

Neress was surprised to find Bellemir's pussy nearly hairless and uncovered by pantaloons, or even panties. Bellemir, in turn, enjoyed the softness of Neress's slit in her muscular body. Hands explored further, stroking, caressing, and occasionally tugging; and the two bodies started moving against each other. Though the narrowness of the bed restrained their actions, breast was rubbed against breast, arousing the pair even through their multiple layers of clothing. Soon the two were gasping and moaning into their kiss as the fingers of each plunged deeper and more roughly into the body of the other.

With Bellemir's every touch pleasure surged through Neress, ebbing only to go on to a higher peak. Then as Bellemir cried into her partner's mouth, she flipped her hand and pushed her thumb into Neress's asshole. The sensation as her asshole was penetrated and fingers continued to play in her slit pushed Neress over the top. She screamed her pleasure into her partner's mouth as the two writhed together in mutual orgasm.

Warm and satisfied for the first time in weeks, Neress picked Bellemir up to lie on top of her as she layed back on the narrow bed. "Mmmmmm," she said, stroking Bellemir's hair.

"Mmmmmm," Bellemir replied. "That was nice. Much as I'd like to stay like this though, we still have some work to do."

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