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Anthony littlebird

Nicholas continued to lick her sweet juices. He felt his cock get too big to be kept restrained.

Nicholas got up, undid his pants and exposed his erect manhood to Sonia. Her eyes went wide and quickly got off the desk, and on her knees. She had sucked a few cocks but none were this thick or big.

All the blood had rushed to his penis and it was throbbing. Sonia quickly grabbed his shaft and placed her warm mouth on his head. She slid the thick monster down her throat, fitting half of it. Her teeth grazed the shaft and she started sucking. Her fingers lightly squeezed his balls.

Nicholas ordered Sonia to put her hands on her lap and not to move.

He placed his hands on the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. Nicholas moved one hand to her throat, while leaving the other behind her head. he started jamming the cock in her mouth a little faster and harder. Sonia made an attempt to grab his cock but Nicholas ordered her to not move her hands. Nicholas moved his hips in an out fast and forced her head towards him faster. He continued to fuck her mouth for a few minutes.

When he was ready, he pulled Sonia up, turned her around and bent her over his desk. His lifted her skirt, and spread her legs. With no pause Nicholas rammed his cock up her cunt. He grabbed her hands and bend them so they were behind her back. He held her wrists firmly while he pounded her.

Sonia started to moan and her voice got louder and louder. With his free hand, Nicholas reached forward and stuffed her panties in her mouth. To stifle her screams and loud moans. Nicholas lifted one of her left legs higher so he had more leverage. He shoved his cock in deep and fast. He pounded her with such force that the desk began to rattle. The table started to move and Nicholas moved with the desk.

Sonia continued to moan and she felt an orgasm coming on. Nicholas felt his balls fill with pressure as well. With Sonia’s leg on the desk, Nicholas reached up and grabbed her golden locks and yanked on them hard. Sonia's head jerked back with force, Nicholas shoved himself up her cunt deeper and held her wrists forcefully.

When he could no longer take it, he exploded inside her. His cum oozed out him and filled her pussy, streams of cum started leak down her thighs. Even as he was unloading his cum, Nicholas still found the energy to pump a few more times. His cock went in and out a few more times, not wanting to leave her there.When he was done, he let her go, stepped back and admired the view. Sonia was still laying on the desk, skirt pulled up and ass in view. Nicholas reached forward and slapped her ass, and pulled her off the desk.

"Good day Ms. Kay," Nicholas said as he pulled up his pants and walked out of his office. Sonia spit her panties out of her mouth and looked down. Her exam paper was stuck to her sweaty, cum crusted skin. She peeled the paper and was shocked.

Her score was 87. She had passed.

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