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Anne johnson

It became even harder when she draped herself across the leg-curl machine. She was lying on her stomach, angled a little so that I could see the length of her body as well as her amazing ass. Her breasts bulged out on either side. I was mesmerized as she worked her legs, bending them up into the air and then straight back out, over and over, moving her well-toned muscles. I could not stand it. 

I put the dumbbell down and approached her. My cock created quite a large tent in my shorts, so I approached from behind, where she could not see me. I knelt down and she turned, smiling. Then I did something daring: I reached my hand out and wrapped my fingers over the back of her thigh. She jumped, but did not stop working. I felt the muscles moving in her thigh. It felt incredible. 

"So is this the muscle you're doing now, mom?" She nodded. I took another dare, and briefly touched her ass for one of her leg motions. "I don't feel it here though." 

"Mmm. Yeah babe, it only works the lower hamstrings." She smiled at me. "You're taking an interest, that's great." I shrugged and continued to watch her move. Soon she stopped and got up. "Okay, now you do it." 

"Okay, mom." I climbed onto the machine, remaining hunched to hide my enormous erection. It felt good pressing my cock against the padding, which was still warm from my mother's body. She guided my legs under the mechanism, her hands touching my calves. Once I began the exercise her hands slid up to my thighs. I gasped a little and stretched my arms out over my head, causing my shirt to pull up over my lower back. Her hands felt so good. I ground my hips down while working my legs. 

"Hmm," she mused. "Your legs feel pretty tense." Her hands were rubbing my thighs. "You want a massage, babe?" My jaw dropped. A massage? From my mother, who was in her panties and a see-through top? It was a dream come true. She had given me massages before, but only when I was much younger. Before I had become attracted to her. 

"Yeah," I managed to get out. "If you think I need it." 

"Ohh, I really do." She moved up beside me. The bench was thigh-high for her. "You just relax." And then her fingers began to dig into my thighs, kneading the muscles. Her hands roamed up and down my legs. I was breathing heavily and moving my hips every so often, hoping she did not realize my arousal. She rubbed up my back, to my shoulders, which she massaged hard. Her breasts bumped softly against me as she leaned over my body. "You're really tense, hon," my mom said. She was breathing heavily too, but from physical exertion. 

I moved my hips more, grunting with each breath. She continued to rub and touch me as I worked my cock towards a climax. It was becoming more obvious that I was grinding my hips but I found I could not stop myself. And my mother did not stop, either. If anything, she unknowingly encouraged me by getting more into the massage herself. I heard her panting behind me.

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