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Angie stephenson

Sandy said, "Make me cum, then I want you to fuck her and make her cum." I don't think my cock could have been any harder, it was absolutely swollen to the max and throbbing, ready to cum a wild stream. I began a new rhythm that I figured that it would make her cum. She started moaning, which was muffled by Mandy deeply kissing her. Soon, Sandy shuddered, started bucking her hips, and creamed my cock, nice and long. Her body completely tensed for a few seconds, and then relaxed. Having her cum on my cock definitely had me ready to shoot my load, but I had another girl to satisfy!
   Mandy climbed off my face and moves down to mount my cock. I couldn't believe that I never even had to get off of my back for all this fabulous fucking.
   Sandy began kissing me and licking Mandy's juice off of my face. Then I felt her sister slide her pussy down onto my cock. It was unbelievably hot and tight. She began rocking back and forth on my cock, taking my long cock all the way in, deeper than Sandy, who's taller, can take it. I was so deep into her, it was amazing. Then, she started to ride me with several quick pumps and then a slow, grinding pump. By then, Sandy was sucking on Mandy's nipples and, before you know it, Mandy was cuming all over my cock.
   I couldn't take it anymore, I said, "Girls, I'm going to cum." Mandy climbed off my cock, and Sandy began to stroke it the in such a way so they could watch me cum. My cock was plenty wet from all that pussy juice and creamy cum. She stroked the shaft a few times and then started stroking my head. This sent me over the edge, the cum shooting out of me in long spurts, all over my stomach and chest, drenching me with my own cum. The girls licked all of my cum up. 
Years went by and we saw each other a lot more, I'm not talking about Mike and I, but the twins. When I moved out of my parent’s house in my junior year of high school and into a penthouse suite, they moved in with me. We had a lot great sex together and they helped me live my dreams, which I later confessed that I had whacked off just thinking of them and they explained they played with each other thinking of me also. So our secrets were out, but we were fulfilling each others dreams even further. They asked me close to the end of the year to take some photos of them and when they go to New York they could see if they can make it into Playboy. Which I was glad to do it, I would and still do anything for them. They later moved out because of their scholarship in New York. I had wondered if they had ever made it into Playboy when I found a package in the mail. I opened it and an aroma of Dark Vanilla Musk made my dick hard as I saw that it was a copy of Playboy with them on the cover, with their signatures on it in red ink stating, "We love you Jayson, and we will see you soon! Love and Kisses, Mandy and Sandy Bentley." There were two lipstick kisses, one red and one pink.

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