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Angie keating

I could feel her liquids start to drip off my sack. My cock started to throb with that good sensation feeling. I held her tight to my body. I had my cock buried up to my sack deep inside of her hot pussy. I fired my seed deep into her womb, as she howled in pleasure.

We collapsed in a heap, and I rolled off Sparrow panting for air. Both Robin and Fawn approached me, and they started to lick and suck my cock, cleaning the juices off of it. As soon as they got me hard again, Robin mounted me and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. She impaled herself on my cock, taking my shaft completely inside of her pussy. 

She paused for a couple seconds, and then started to rock back and forth. Then she began to bounce up and down on my shaft. I could feel her liquids start to run off my cock and sack. I was not sure if I could empty another load so quickly. But Robin’s hot pussy, got my shaft heated up and I could feel my sack tighten up. She was grunting and moaning as her pussy was locked tight on my cock as I started to pump my seed deep inside of her.

She flopped down into my arms. I held her tightly as we both were exhausted from our efforts. She rolled off me and fell instantly asleep. Fawn cuddles up next to me on the other side. We both drifted off to sleep, as I need sometime to recover.

In the middle of the night, I need to get up and relieve myself. I exited the cave and took a piss. I then walked the camp, checking on the night guards. We run three shifts of guards, with all the older males taking a turn. They reported to me that all was quiet so far, and I then returned back to the cave.

Fawn was awake and waiting for me to return. I laid down next to her and we started to kiss. She used her tongue to probe my mouth. My hands were busy with her boobs, as I softly squeezed and massaged them. My fingers worked on her nipples, as I felt them get hard under my gentle rubbing and pinching.

I moved down and started to suck on her boobs and lick her nipples. My hand was softly caressing her outer pussy lips. I inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy and slowly rotated them around inside of her. Her liquid squished against my fingers, as she was getting wet inside there.

She brought my head up for a passionate kiss. "I am ready for you right now." She moaned into my mouth.

I move over on top of Fawn, as she spreads her legs wide apart to give me better access to her waiting pussy. I slowly enter her wet hole, and gently start to fuck her with long deep strokes. Soon we get a rhythm going, as I start to fuck her harder. She wraps her legs and arms around me tightly, as her liquids flow against my cock.

"OOO Red Hawk that feels sooo good." She coos into my ear. "Fill me with your seed."

A couple more good pumps and I unload my seed deep inside of her. We lay there gasping and panting, as both Robin and Sparrow were watching us fuck.

With all this deep planting of my seed, something must be growing.

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