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I love the existance of books as windows to see other worlds and help others to expand their perspectives through the virtues of language-

Ana rosa gómez obregón

Fortunately I have no interest on pretending to be awesome, I am just a responsible, intuitive as well as objective person who enjoys reading and sharing experiences and knowledge of many kinds. 
I have a bachelor's degree in Preschool Education and I have read and worked as a teacher with different holistic educational models. I find great value on the fact of being able to simplify complex aspects of any kind for other people, in order to be didactic, and for them to find it easy, like leading them through the cognitive process by whispering some sort of precise and enjoyable poetry to their ears, so that they can integrate such knowledge into their daily lives. Sharing the knowledge and pleasure would be the greatest richess I can ever find in life.

In my spare time I'm a vipassana meditator, painter, digital graphic artist, I consider myself a wide criteria person, who is most of the time willing to learn something new, I'm interested in topics concerning to history, ancient cultures, teosophics, astrophisics, metaphisics, meditation, diverse cosmologies, random poetry, astrology, bioconstruction, economics, renewable energies techniques, parapshicology, psycology, organic and selfsustentable nutrition, shamanism and witchcraft, global politics, autopoiethic anarchism, etc.

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, Spanish
Translates into: English, Spanish

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Ana did great work with my book. She was punctual, communicative, and enthusiastic about the project. If you are looking for the ideal translator, then look no further. Ana Rosa Gómez Obregón is just who you've been looking for your next Spanish translated book.