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Adrian starling

Glad that she would always be there for him, Eragon drove himself in hard, her body allowing him to use her as he would. He was so close to his orgasm, and Saphira knew it.
"Eragon, I want to feel your semen inside of me, can you help in this regard?" Eragon picked up the pace, slamming into her, giving it his all. She looked down between her legs to see the shaft of Eragon's lovely cock appearing and dissapearing into her body. She thought it looked fantastic and wished Eragon would stay there forever.

FInally, after what seemed like an eternity, he pushed back in for a final time. Burying himself inside of her, he released his pent up load. Saphira breathed a small plume of fire as ropes of his creamy spunk coated her insides. Saphira couldn't take any more and let loose her second, powerful orgasm, her muscles milking his cock for everything he had. Eragon groaned as his thick seed shot deep inside his dragon, entering her body and spreading internally.

Saphira lay back as she rode out her orgasm. Eragon couldn't believe the strength of her pleasure, communicated to him by their powerful mental link. It was so strong now it felt as though they were one being, not two separate entities. Their love could not have been tighter at that moment, and Eragon knew it would be like this forever.

They lay there for some time, backing in the afterglow of their passionate union. Saphira was content to let Eragon stay inside of her for as long as possible. His erection slowly shrunk and he pulled out with a soft plop, more of their combined cum dripping off the end of his meat. He looked at her and slowly slid off her body, his whole front literally covered with his dragon's emissions. He wiped himself to no avail, so Saphira rolled back onto her legs and aproached him, licking the last of it off.

Eragon looked at her underbelly, not surprised to see a steady drip coming from under her tail. He had expected that. Saphira lowered her head and Eragon climbed on her back after slipping back into his clothes.
"I love you, Saphira," Eragon added affectionately.
"And I, you," the beautiful blue dragon replied seriously, never having been more certain of any fact in her life.
"What do we do from here?" Eragon asked inquisitively.
"Well, I'm not sure. We could return to the elves, they would never have to know. We could keep this between us."
"I think that would be a good idea, not coming out about it."
"We may be shunned permanently, Eragon, so I agree it's for the best."
"So Saphira, how did you think I measured up to a dragon?" Saphira grinned before replying.
"Well, you performed admirably. I couldn't imagine a better partner."
"You're just saying that," Eragon accused her.
"Look at my thought, you know I speak truly, Dragon Rider."
Eragon knew, and sighed.
"Will we do this again, Saphira?" he asked softly.

"Every moment we get, Eragon, every moment we get."

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