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Adam haglund

..I nipped in among the trees at the side of the lane as they sped past yelling more obscenities at me!

What a start to my dogging career, which happily improved after that disastert!

I spoke to my pal a few days later and, after he had stopped laughing he gave me a more precise set of directions and, armed with these, I went back the following week and connected with the correct car and couple.
This young man, his beautiful girlfriend and I, a middle aged man, were a match made in a sexual heaven. From the start they were keen to show to me, how they enjoyed their lovemaking. They were even considerate enough to turn on their interior light and place themselves in positions most advantageous to their grateful viewer. Every week during that autumn they arrived at the same secluded spot in the forest and stripped off for me before turning on the interior light and commencing their erotic lovemaking for my benefit.
Of course things never stand still and we were bound to experiment and try new things or get bored with the routine.
One evening outside his car while his girlfriend was getting dressed inside in the dakness of the car, the young man suggested to me that we should go to an even more secluded spot the next week and "push out the boat". Of course, standing there with my rigid cock in my hand, which he said he liked the look of, I readily agreed!
The following week I arrived at the new place to find them naked and already pleasuring themselves and, upon seeing me in the gathering dusk, they turned on the interior light.
As I approached the front passenger window as usual, I noticed something different. The window had been wound fully down and after a while I took what I believed to be a silent invitation to reach in and fondle the bits of their bodies that I could reach, not really minding whether it was his bits or hers I was fondling.
This continued for some time during which I released my cock from the confines of my trousers and stroked it from time to time.
Then to my delight the young man reached for my cock, and, in front of his girlfriend commenced to wank me and, obviously having agreed it between them beforehand , she tentatively grasped my cock and wanked it gingerly. I was in heaven of course and kept thinking of a football match to prevent myself from cumming as they took turns at wanking me, she gently and softly, him firmly and faster. When it was his turn to pleasure me I reached into the car and sought out her fine firm young breasts and, after my first groping efforts she happily placed herself in a position that afforded me easy access to her beautiful and hard nipples. So she WAS enjoying it as much as we two men were!
After along exquisite time I ceased to think of football and came over his hand. As I slipped away into the dark, leaving them to their lovemaking I knew, now that we had experimented with someting new and exciting, the experimenting was bound to continue...and it did...

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