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Book translation and distribution for indie authors

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"The translators I have worked with on Babelcube have been incredibly professional and fun to work with. I am so excited. They have helped me get my novels out to a new global audience. Thank you to Babelcube for creating this service!"
Erik Hanberg, Author

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"I am an author of inspirational books. I am a new member of Babelcube. I received offers to translate my work into Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, within the first two weeks. The translators have been courteous and interested in my genre. Babelcube has responded to my questions in a quick and efficient manner. Thank you Babelcube!"
Ulrike Maria, Author

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"I like Babelcube because it transfuses the upside of indie publishing to book markets abroad. I have full control of the way my books are presented. I can get involved in a hands-on way in the translation process or I can just sit back and do nothing. The exchange with translators is always perfectly amicable and the ones I work with have a very professional approach."
Peter Boehm, Author
Are you a self-published author or publisher looking to sell your books in additional languages?

We have reinvented the process for self-published indie authors and publishers. Before Babelcube, translating a book was an expensive and time-consuming process. You had to find a translator and pay them even before the book was published. And then you needed to work out how to sell your book in a language market you are unfamiliar with.

Babelcube offers authors and publishers a better option. You can list your book and then partner with translators who will create your book in new languages. Once the text is ready, Babelcube’s platform will prepare your new book for publishing and distribute it to all the major online retailers and 100s of local ones. The only cost to you is to share the royalties from your new book.