The Hermetic Genesis by Seila Orienta

An Adonistic Tale

The hermetic genesis

 This novella informs the reader about the tasks of the Blue Monks, Urgaya, Sham- balla Master Yoshuah (Christ) and Master Arion (Franz Bardon), that have not been known until now. e Genesis or creation is shown from the perspective of the hermetic side. Although, this book contains symbolism and metaphors, it clearly tells the genesis of our existence and our purpose in this universe. 

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Hermetism & Rosicrucianism

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge

Language: English

Keywords: Hermetics, Philosophy, Creation, Novella

Word Count: 9035

Sample text:

In times immemorial, in the land of light, called the astral sphere, which was created like everything else through the four elements, two divine individuals spoke about the creation of the world. The one individual was called “Feminam” and the other “Masculum”. Both glanced upon the waters of light as they felt the eternity within these waters.

“Should we wish to explore creation in its entirety, we must come upon the temple of the epicenter called Shamballa, for everything originates at the epicenter and everything shall perish there as well”, Masculum said to Feminam. A gleam in his eyes revealed his thirst for wisdom.

Feminam was exhilarated by Masculum’s words, so they began their journey. They strolled through a forest of trees of light. Although they could have journeyed to their destination as swiftly as a thought, Masculum and Feminam desired to bathe within creation. A doe, the symbol of demure, gazed confidently and without fear upon Masculum and Feminam as they passed closely.

Book translation status:

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Translation in progress. Translated by Anne-Marie Gerritsen
Already translated. Translated by Emma Marciano
Author review:
Emma did a great job translating "The Hermetic Genesis" into French. She promised and promptly delivered a great translation of the book. The manuscript was laid out professionally in MS Word. No changes were necessary. I hope to work with Emma again in the future.
Already translated. Translated by Micaela Mendes Nóbrega
Author review:
Job well done. The word file layout was done professionally. Was able to publish as an epub book without problems.
Translation in progress. Translated by Mauricio Orozco

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