Someone Saved My Life Tonight - A Justice Security Short Story by T. M. Bilderback

A uniformed security guard facing a blazing fire must choose to save himself or a five-year-old child.

Someone saved my life tonight - a justice security short story

They're called the "grunts" - the uniformed officers of Justice Security. They don't have the cushy, highly publicized jobs held by the plainclothes members of the company - they're the people that appear in the background every day at banks, office buildings, and retail establishments, providing a secure environment for customers and workers.

Gus Brazzle is one of those grunts. His assignment is a store that deals in used books, music, and movies. Gus has become quite close to the employees of the store, and thinks of them as his family. He's even been nicknamed "Sugar Bear" by the five-year-old daughter of one of the store's employees.

But, when a disgruntled customer decides to take revenge for a perceived slight, things turn deadly. Gus has a choice to make...but will he make it in time?

Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English

Keywords: thriller, suspense, crime

Word Count: 5,670

Sales info:

This short story was my first short story, and the second Justice Security story.  It has sold fairly well, but would be great translated into any language!

This story has already been translated into Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Turkish, and French.

Sample text:

Gus Brazzle felt very spiffy in his uniform.  His badge gleamed in the early morning sunlight that shone through the bedroom window.  There wasn’t a speck of lint to be found on the sharply creased slacks or the slightly starched, over-ironed shirt.  The collar button on Gus’s shirt was open, and his shoes were so polished, he could see himself in them.

He reached for his nightstick and added it to the special loop on his belt.  His radio, the lifeline to backup, was also clipped to his belt.  The holster that held his Glock semiautomatic pistol remained on his dresser.  His assignment didn’t require him to go armed.

The gleaming badge read, “Justice Security” at the top.  Underneath that, in smaller letters, appeared the words, “Uniform Security Division.”  And, below that phrase, was “Brazzle – 759.”

Gus worked for Justice Security’s uniformed security division.  The head person in the uniformed division, or Gus’s boss, was Tony Armstrong.  Tony manned the main desk at Justice Security, and watched over the company’s comings and goings…but, he also oversaw the “grunts,” as they were called by the plainclothes security personnel.  The partners that were responsible for forming and maintaining the security company also divided up the responsibilities of various divisions.  The partner ultimately in charge of the “grunts” was Misty Wilhite, founding partner of the company, and longtime girlfriend of Joey Justice, after whom the company had been named.

Gus liked Misty very much.

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