Saturday In The Park - A Justice Security Short Story by T. M. Bilderback

The partners of Justice Security are ambushed on a trip to the city park.

Saturday in the park - a justice security short story

On a gorgeous spring day, the partners of Justice Security choose to have their annual partner meeting as a picnic in the city park.

Joey Justice, Percival “King Louie” Washington, and Dexter and Megan Beck arrive at the park early to find a nice picnic spot, as Misty Wilhite and Jessica Queen are shopping for picnic supplies.

The four in the park find unexpected trouble when they are ambushed by a group of killers.

Questions are going through the minds of Joey and his partners. Who are these people? Why are they trying to kill the partners? And how did they know to catch them in the park?

Saturday In The Park gives you the answers, with action as explosive as you expect from the folks of Justice Security!

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English

Keywords: thriller

Word Count: 3,866

Sales info:

This is one of the shorter Justice Security short stories.

This story has already been translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.

Sample text:

The bullet went past with a loud ZING!  Percival “King Louie” Washington ducked his head as the bullet ricocheted off the bathroom bricks behind him.  He was crouched behind a half wall that led to the bathrooms in the brick building behind him.  Louie was seeking cover from the shooting war going on in the city’s main park.

“Damn!” he said out loud.  This is all Misty’s fault!  ‘Let’s have the Justice Security partner meeting as a picnic in the city park this year’ she sez…it’ll be great!’  Damn her perky little self, and damn this picnic, too!  Shoulda stayed home in bed, relaxin’!  These thoughts ran through his mind in seconds.  Out loud, he again said, “Damn!”

Louie stuck his head up to take a look, and a bullet hit the half wall in front of him, throwing shattered pieces of brick and mortar into his face.  He ducked back down quickly.

“Louie!  Are you okay, man?  Answer me!” squawked Louie’s radio.

Louie shook his head a couple of times trying to clear it.  When he did, he keyed his radio.  “Yeah, Joey, I’m fine.  Little bit of brick got me in the face is all.”

“I saw it.  That was close.  Too close.”

“Who are these assholes, Joey?” asked Louie.

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