Pianissimo by Lauren Shiro

Someone or some thing does not want Corinne's life to be either quiet or boring.


With Darryl’s army career coming to a close, he and his wife, Corinne feel ready to settle down in Louisville, Kentucky. Darryl is sent on one final tour, leaving Corinne to live in this new house and new city alone.

Overwhelmed, Corinne becomes reclusive, living a quiet, boring life with her cats as she adjusts to her new surroundings. The problem is: someone or some thing does not want her life to be either quiet or boring. And then there’s the creepy piano in the basement…

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Ghost

Language: English


Word Count: 59,220

Sales info:

Is being produced in audiobook format due to excellent reception worldwide across multiple platforms. Sells particularly well on Apple, Kobo, and in PDF format to readers who enjoy non-gory paranormal stories.

Sample text:

It was a chilly early spring day in Manhattan. The morning sky was painted in various shades of grey as a light mist sprinkled the city. The sun wasn’t visible, but there was a bright spot where the clouds appeared weak and thin. This was going to turn into a beautiful day, Harold just knew it.

He walked into the factory to start yet another day – a day just like any other. Yet he knew that today was special, too. He loved his life, he loved the Spring, and he loved his job. Though he may never meet any of them, he knew that his work touched the lives of many, many people.

Harold walked to the back of the factory and hung up his long brown rain coat. He was the first one in, which was fairly common for him. There was something about the silence and solitude of the large building that fed his excitement even further. He deeply inhaled. He loved the smell of wood. Perfect, beautiful silence, and the intoxicating smell of lumber. This was indeed a wonderful day!

Harold smiled to himself. Although this was an ordinary day for him, he knew that this was an extraordinary day for someone else. Another person would be touched by his work today.

He walked over to his current project. A blank canvas for music. This piano had yet to be finished, let alone yet to be played. The mahogany wood looked and smelled exquisite. He closed his eyes, imaging this perfect piano. It was strong and sturdy, beautiful and classic. The wood was pristine, the music from the keys was competition for the singing angels in Heaven. Oh what a work of art this will be!


Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Alessia Simoni
Already translated. Translated by Gilson Cardoso de Arruda
Already translated. Translated by Guillermo Alberto Cervantes Vindiola
Author review:
Guillermo provided quality translation over and above all expectations, in a time and efficient manner.

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