Jackie Blue - A Justice Security Novel by T. M. Bilderback

Five special needs children hire Justice Security to rescue their foster mother from the city's main crime family.

Jackie blue - a justice security novel

Jacqueline Belew has a secret.

Jackie is foster mom to five special needs children. That isn’t her secret.

Jackie loves these children very, very much. That isn’t her secret.

Jackie’s nickname is Jackie Blue, given to her by the children. That isn’t her secret, either.

Jackie Blue's secret? She knows the outcome of any game of chance. Any game. She uses this ability to win small amounts of money to assist in raising and caring for these special needs kids. She tries to never win more than she needs, since she doesn’t want to abuse her ability.

Someone has noticed her gift, however.

The Giambini crime family has noticed what Jackie can do. And when this desperate crime family decides to kidnap Jackie to be their golden goose, the children hire Joey Justice and Justice Security to rescue her.

Things turn deadly very quickly.

Even Jackie didn’t see that coming…

Suggested by lyrics from the classic song performed by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, this second Justice Society novel will keep you jumping from the pulse-pounding suspense!

Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English

Keywords: thriller, suspense, organized crime, action, crime, drug cartel, adventure

Word Count: 52,272

Sales info:

This second full novel is the third Justice Security story.  It has sold quite well, and has a full five-star review status.  It would work well translated into any language.

This story has already been translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Italian, and Chinese.

Sample text:

Vincent Lambosa enjoyed his job.

Vincent was an enforcer for the Giambini mob in the city.  He had started when he was sixteen as a numbers runner for a local bookie.  Occasionally, the bookie would dispatch Vincent and another guy to visit welshers to “discuss payment options” with them.  Vincent threw himself into his work quite vigorously, which resulted in a near one hundred percent “collection” record.  This perfect record caught the attention of people higher up in the organization.  These people began keeping an eye on Vincent.

When Vincent was eighteen, he was invited to meet with Leo Lesko.  Lesko was in charge of a string of bookies in the organization, which made him Vincent’s boss’s boss.

Vincent met with Leo in a booth at McFeely’s Bar on Third Street.  McFeely’s, referred to as “McFeelme’s” on the street, was known for serving hard drinks to harder customers, and had been in the same location for fifteen years at the time of the meeting.  Third Street had become seedy, and was just beginning to earn its nickname of “Hooker Hollow”.

“Vincent,” said Lesko, who gestured for him to sit down.  “Thanks for coming.”

Vincent nodded his acknowledgement, then sat across from Lesko.

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