How to Think by Brahma Kumari Pari

How to think so as to become spiritually powerful.

How to think

This book is based on the BK (Brahma Kumaris) knowledge. It should be read for one's own benefit and for world benefit because contemplating on the knowledge, in the book, will bring about world transformation through self transformation.

This book provides a clear, concise and meaningful explanation on the Murlis which are messages spoken by God (the Supreme Soul), in the Brahma Kumaris, as BapDada (God playing His role through using Brahma Baba). It generally guides on how you (the soul) should churn the knowledge of the Supreme Soul and imbibe it. This will bring a positive change in your life since it reveals deep mysteries of life and provides a way to adopt a divine character. 

Contemplating on the knowledge in this book will enable you to use divine virtues and powers while facing any kind of situation in your life. You will not be troubled by negativity, stress, etc. when you adopt the thinking process suggested in this book.

The contents of this book will help you to put seeds in your mind that bring you into a pure angelic stage. Through using the thinking process suggested in this book, you (the soul) become like a pure shining diamond which has been studded in gold to reveal its brilliance and value.

Genre: SELF-HELP / Meditations

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Spiritual

Language: English

Keywords: meditation, spirituality, soul, Purification, Mind, Intellect, Brahma Kumaris Raja yoga

Word Count: 25082

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Sample text:

A human mind thinks approximately 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day; out of this 90% goes waste. Most of these thoughts are generated automatically to bring about a continuous flow of thoughts in the mind. Since we are usually not paying attention to these thoughts, we may not be aware that numerous thoughts are streaming through our mind. The creation of these thoughts is inspired by what we see and hear during the day.

What we think in the mind is reflected in our words and karma/actions, and it leads to the formation of habits. Our collection of karma, and habits, create our destiny. For this reason, we should be more careful of what we think.

Have you ever tried to check your thoughts? We are hardly conscious of our thoughts and, generally, we do not monitor the way we think. If we become aware of how we think, we can check our thoughts and change it; if we can change our thoughts we can change our destiny. This book will guide you on “How to Think” based on the Murli (God's teachings) of Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University.

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