Hot Child In The City - A Short Story by T. M. Bilderback

A detective that is on the trail of a gruesome killer is distracted by a young, beautiful woman.

Hot child in the city - a short story

Several gruesome murders have taken place in Bohemian Village, the arty part of the city. Each victim was male, and had been last seen dancing in various nightclubs in the Village.

Detective John Yates and Detective James William “Jim Bill” Coleman are assigned to stake out one of these nightclubs looking for whoever is behind the “Dance Murders”.

But, the situation becomes complicated when Detective Coleman becomes obsessed with a very beautiful girl he sees in the club. No one knows who she is. No one knows where she came from. Every guy stares at her, and wants to take her home.

Will this girl cause Detective Coleman to miss the chance to catch the killer? Find out in this unusual story by T. M. Bilderback!

Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Horror

Language: English

Keywords: demon

Word Count: 3,296

Sales info:

This short story has been a fair seller.  It has a full 5-star rating at Amazon.

This story has already been translated into French, Romanian, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Sample text:

“I really don’t know, Johnny,” said Detective Third Grade James William Coleman.  Some of the other detectives on the force referred to him as “Jim Bill” was sort of a tribute both to Coleman’s southern heritage, and to the old TV show, The Waltons.  He was okay with that.  It made him feel special.  Of course, Jim Bill was special.  He had only been on the police force for five years.  He signed up directly out of college with a Criminal Justice degree, and had made Detective Third in only four years.  He was twenty-seven years old.

His partner, Detective First Grade John Yates, was seated in a booth across from Jim Bill.  They were in a small club in Bohemian Village in this city, and were assigned to the “Dance Murders”.  Four people had been murdered in the Village, and all of them had been mutilated and dismembered horribly.  The heart and liver from each victim had been taken, and it was assumed that the killer was taking trophies from each murder.  The fact of the missing organs had not been shared with the press, so that the police force had something to help weed out fake confessions.

Each victim had been seen dancing in one of the Village’s nightclubs before they were murdered.  All were male.

“Don’t know what, Jim Bill?” asked Yates, between swallows from his beer.

Coleman took a swallow from his own beer.  “I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, staking out a couple of night clubs every night.”  He gestured to the two of them.  “I mean, look at us!  Even when we dress down to fit in, we still scream ‘cop’!”

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