Greatest Hits by T. M. Bilderback

A collection of previously published short stories.

Greatest hits

Nine great stories are inside T. M. Bilderback’s Greatest Hits!

Included are the first four Justice Security short stories: “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” is the story of Gus Brazzle. Gus is a “grunt”, or a uniformed officer with Justice Security, who has to make a life-or-death choice inside a madman’s blaze. “Saturday In The Park” has the Justice Security partners ambushed in the city park…but the “who” and “why” are very much in the air. In “MacArthur Park”, Megan Fisk Beck is sent by Joey Justice and Marcus Moore on a top secret assignment on her husband Dexter’s first birthday as a married man. Will she survive to celebrate another? And "The Little Drummer Boy" is a tale from the early days of Justice Security told on Christmas Eve by Percival “King Louie” Washington and Dexter Beck, proving that miracles happen…and sometimes repeat themselves!

“The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald” tells the story of a group of fisherman on the 220-foot ‘Edmund Fitzgerald II’ and the thing they run into…the big thing! “Gold” tells the story of a couple of California girls that go on a camping trip with an unusual man…who has a talent for weaving stories into gold! “Hot Child In The City” tells the story of a police detective on the trail of a gruesome killer…and the girl that distracts his investigation.

Also included is the first “Tale Of Sardis County”. “Don’t Come Around Here No More” tells the story of three teens finding an open doorway to Hell…inside an old man’s basement.

Rounding out the collection is the never-before published story, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. A retired British Colonel tells the story of 1950s British Guyana in South America, and his encounter with a lion…a lion that has been extinct for 10,000 years!

Adventure and excitement await you inside Greatest Hits!

Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English

Keywords: short stories

Word Count: 41,874

Sales info:

This collection has sold better in paperback than ebook.

This collection has already been translated into Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.

Sample text:

Gus Brazzle felt very spiffy in his uniform.  His badge gleamed in the early morning sunlight that shone through the bedroom window.  There wasn’t a speck of lint to be found on the sharply creased slacks or the slightly starched, over-ironed shirt.  The collar button on Gus’s shirt was open, and his shoes were so polished, he could see himself in them.

He reached for his nightstick and added it to the special loop on his belt.  His radio, the lifeline to backup, was also clipped to his belt.  The holster that held his Glock semiautomatic pistol remained on his dresser.  His assignment didn’t require him to go armed.

The gleaming badge read, “Justice Security” at the top.  Underneath that, in smaller letters, appeared the words, “Uniform Security Division.”  And, below that phrase, was “Brazzle – 759.”

Gus worked for Justice Security’s uniformed security division.  The head person in the uniformed division, or Gus’s boss, was Tony Armstrong.  Tony manned the main desk at Justice Security, and watched over the company’s comings and goings…but, he also oversaw the “grunts,” as they were called by the plainclothes security personnel.  The partners that were responsible for forming and maintaining the security company also divided up the responsibilities of various divisions.  The partner ultimately in charge of the “grunts” was Misty Wilhite, founding partner of the company, and longtime girlfriend of Joey Justice, after whom the company had been named.

Gus liked Misty very much.

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The book is available for translation into any language.

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