Alchemy - The Mystery of the Philosopher's Stone by Seila Orienta

A partial description of the 5th Tarot Card according to Franz Bardon

Alchemy - the mystery of the philosopher's stone

 This book portrays the “front leaf ” or introductory portion of the practice of alchemy in several steps, without the encrypted mysti cations of the old alchemists, more in the line with Franz Bardon’s style. Although, to the theorist, some of the writings contained in this book may appear abstract and contradictory, but the practitioner will nd a wealth of knowledge within these pages. 

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Hermetism & Rosicrucianism

Language: English

Keywords: Alchemy, Franz Bardon, Tarot Card

Word Count: 10442

Sample text:

The art of alchemy is as old as humankind itself. It is a special variety of magic since the alchemist is considered a magician. Chemistry is the knowledge of nature's processes; alchemy is the WISDOM of nature and both disciplines must be used harmoniously in order to register any success.


Here we also work with the four-pole-magnet — the Tetragrammaton — in all planes because the four elements represent nature in its perfection. A beginner of magic, who dares to tread the path of alchemy, will not reap success in his or her endeavors. The degree of perfection of the created “Read Lion” or Philosopher's Stone is reflected directly by its creator's level of maturity. The quality of this stone is always constant since this Prima Materia is the expression of the noblest form of matter itself. Hence, the stone's creator must possess a noble character, possess unshakable in faith and have a balanced character (see: Step I, Astral Exercises, Initiation into Hermetics). Anyone who thinks that alchemy is a process done exclusively in test tubes will be mistake. The highest initiate just reaches into thin “air” and seizes upon this most noble stone. However, I have written this book for the practitioner, who has not advanced to this level.

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