Ylenia De Pauli (translator)

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Translation student and Freelance translator

Ylenia de pauli

Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Linguistic mediation in 2014, with a thesis on "The Big Bang Theory" and humour theories in general. 

Currently attending the second year of the Master in Translation and Interpreting.

Travelling has always been my passion: I've been to Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Albania and Germany (for a 2-weeks exchange).

In 2017-2018 I joined the SCN project (National Civil Service) and worked as a volunteer in a historical museum, receveing tourists and organizing events.

To develop my skills, I have had the chance to translate some specialized texts (in the field of psychology, tourism and architecture).

Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic
Translates into: English, Italian

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