Veronica Isabel Almeida Flores (translator)

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My Name is Veronica Almeida. I am a language teacher and I also make translations as a freelance.

Veronica isabel almeida flores

I have been teaching English for abour 20 years now. I mainly prepare students to take TOEFL, TOEIC, and Cambridge. 

I am a committed, enthusiastic professional who likes to deliver translations on time. I have experience translating petroleum manuals, pricings, letters, CVs, among other things. I also translate things from engineering, medicine, marketing and business. Novels and short stories are easier to translate.

I hope you can give me the chance to translate your work. It would be a pleasure.

Verónica ALMEIDA

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, Spanish
Translates into: English, Spanish

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