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Vasilis tziovaras

My name is Vasilis Tziovaras, and I am a native Greek professional translator, localizer, subtitler, transcriptionist, proofreader, and tutor:

- certified in technical translation (A+ certificate copy available at your request);
- experienced in several fields of the translation industry;
- Top Rated on a well-known platform.

Fields I am most experienced in include the travel industry, subtitling, and website/software/game localization. Moreover, I have completed quite a few projects in the fields of medicine, religion, culinary arts; worked on literary ones, such as children's books; even seen several of my works published as books (see or audiovisual content (movies, series, documentaries, short films—my name is listed in the contributors/translators/credits sections [eg. 15:13 at]).

And a little interesting extra: my love for terminology and biodiversity has given birth to a quite extraordinary and unique passion within me: researching the Greek binomial nomenclature. The ultimate goal of this is a secret to be revealed in the distant future.

It will be my pleasure to discuss a potential collaboration with you as well as help you with further information about me.

Native language: Greek
Translates from: English, Russian
Translates into: Greek

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