V i c e n t B r i v a I g l e s i a s (translator)

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EN/DE>CA/ES translator and localizer

V i c e n t b r i v a i g l e s i a s

As a passionate and qualified translator, localizer and post-editor, I offer tailored language solutions from English and German into Spanish and Catalan (both native). I am also an English, Spanish and Catalan certified sworn translator, appointed by the Government of Catalonia.

I help companies speak their customer’s language to make their products reach the right people, in the right language, on the right channels. My fundamental goal is to ensure they stand out from their competitors.

I consider effective communication a key factor in this process. Thus, I develop a long-term strategy with my clients to fully understand, boost and foster their message, tone, and style.

I love working with companies that share my core values. My passions are technology, AI, marketing, law and finances.

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, German
Translates into: Spanish

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