Tim McGregor (author)

Screenwriter-author tackles horror and thriller genres

Tim mcgregor

Tim McGregor is a novelist, screenwriter and refugee from the realm of DIY comic books. His films include the apocalyptic thriller 'Final Storm' and the comedy-horror 'Bitten', which was recently retitled in the UK as, get this, 'Vampire Apocalypse'. It's sooo not that, go figure. His first produced feature is... wait for it.... UKM: the Ultimate Killing Machine. No word of a lie, that's the title the producers gave it. This may have precipitated his step back from the rarified air of film-making. 

A former cartoonist, Tim began putting out his own comic books in the heyday of do-it-yourself zines. Frustrated at his narrative deficits, a friend suggested studying screenwriting as a way to learn basic storytelling. This lead to an interest in writing for the screen and a stint at the Canadian Film Centre. Chafing at the collaborative mind-meld of filmmaking, Tim swung his focus into writing books. Embracing the new world of self-publishing and ebooks, he's come full circle back to the gritty realm of do-it-yourself shazam. 

Tim lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.

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Two homicide detectives pursue a suspect who believes he is a werewolf.
Struggling to balance a career with family, a musician's life is suddenly complicated by the return of an old boyfriend, one who died twenty years ago.