Tetyana Schindler (translator)

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With passion for language!

Tetyana schindler

2006 I got my degree as a translator in the first language English at Khmelnytskyi National University in Ukraine.

2012 I completed my second degree studying at the Faculty of English and Romance languages at the Goethe University Frankfurt on Main in Germany.

During my second degree I could gain large professional experience as a translator in Marketing and Human Resources areas.

Since 2013 through working in the area of Legal Consulting, my true passion has been for Law and Economics - I was able to acquire a sound knowledge and gain extensive professional experience.

However, I also like to translate literary texts. Because particularly then my creativity and intuition for language reach their full potential.

Native language: German
Translates from: English, German, Russian, Other (Ukrainian)
Translates into: German, Other (Ukrainian)

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