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Tanya quintieri

because your success becomes my success

That is my company's claim. Hello, my name is Tanya Quintieri and I am a US citizen with German and Puerto Rican roots. Currently, I am at home in the Czech Republic. I do not translate literature on a regular basis. But when I do, I do it because I love a book. 

Depending on the subject, I will translate into either German or English (US). I know, that sounds weird. But some things come more naturally to me in one of either language. 

So far, I have translated some IT books, two children's books, a book about the psychological reasons behind love, a book on relationship advice, and a bunch of other smaller projects, including short stories related to songs by David Bowie. 

If I do offer to translate your book then it's not because of the money. As a professional translator with my own small network of trusted colleagues, I have far more lucrative jobs in my day to day business. It's because I am passionate about the topic you chose for your book. 

So, happy writing, I'd say! :)

Native language: English
Translates from: English, German
Translates into: English, German

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