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Born in México City thirty four years ago I started studying Engish at elementary school and found it really easy and enjoyable since the very beginning. Later, at age thirteen, I spent a summer at Carleton University, in Otawa, where I was placed in a group with students many years older than me due to the level of English I demonstrated in the interview they made us to enter the summer course. Back in Mexico I continued my studies of this foreign language in an Institute specialized in teaching only English. As a result of the placement exam I performed to enter, I got to study the advanced levels.  

At age seventeen I spent another summer in Canada, at Vancouver, where I picked Communication and Art classes at ILSC which prepared me to take the TOEFL examination (I didn't take those special courses to prepare TOEFL applicants). TOEFL was mandatory to enter UDLA (the college I studied at) and get a bachellor degree. Being honest, I don't remember my punctuation but I remember I was given a result C1, or something like that; and they say I was not required to do any of the English courses that were taught in college ( they just gave me the credits and I was the only student in that special case of my generation). UDLA is known for it's bilingual programs and because you simultanously get a so called "licenciatura" and a bachellor degree. A "licenciatura" would be the equivalent for a major in Mexico. I got it at Business Administration. Never took a TOEFL again.

Nowadays I run a shoe store of my own and I would love to do this extra money by doing translations (just because I really hate when I read horrible ones). 

The only experience I have in translating is a project for a Beauty&Health international brand I did at twenty. I had to translate booklets, marketing manuals, educational material for the salespersons, advertising for magazines and the printed instructions that would go on the packaging of the products. I did those translations French-Spanish, French-English and Englis-Spanish. 

So, that would be it. I really hope you pick me because I would love to see my name as the translator of a good book that might become famous. Did I mention I'm a passionate reader? Just not horror books please. I have a special love for fantasy or science fiction stories. Also like historical novels.

Thanks for reading :)

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Great to work with would highly recommend.

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Translator provided good sample, good first ten pages, then disappeared and was out of contact. Project went 17 days overdue with no contact from translator and had to be canceled.