Talis Ramalho Barboza (translator)

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Hello, my name is Talis and I like to learn new things and to have new experiences.

Talis ramalho barboza

Hi, I'm Talis and I live in Brazil. I'm 24 years old and English is one of my favorite languages. I will tell about it soon.

Since I was a child I used to see my father working as an accountant and I was not able to read anything he was writing/reading. As the time gone by I learned to read and I found out that my father was writing and reading in English all that time in his job, it confused me a lot because I found it so hard to learn to read/write in Portuguese - my native language - and he could do it in two different languages so easily.

The desire to learn new languages arose on me and a few years later the opportunity to learn a different language showed up when I started playing a new online RPG. I made a lot of friends from several countries and I'm still friend with a few of them even after almost ten years.

Every word I know is thanks to my friends. They helped me to learn their language aswell as I teached them a bit of my language.

Thank you for reading my profile, I hope you've enjoyed it. See you soon.

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Portuguese
Translates into: English, Portuguese

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