Sylva Koppitz (translator)

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Seamless and precise English / Czech translations centered around each client's unique voice and writing style. Deep understanding of specific qualities of either language, respect for subtleties of expression and keen awareness of inherent differences.

No Czenglish allowed!

With brutal honesty and complete dedication to each client, a veteran journalist from one of the leading Czech dailies and an accomplished young professional interpreter keep my translations honest, correct, on point - and on time.    


1. Creative-writing translations, including sensitive translations of complex originals, proof reading and editing of translated works, ghost-writing services, and any other creative and challenging assignment. 
2. Strictly-business translations, including standard communications, solicitations and contract translations; personal interpretation services; business-language tutoring and shadowing; other business projects. 
3. Internet and social-media-related translations, including marketing and/or e-commerce websites content development, entries and updates; Facebook presence and posts; blogs and of-the-moment social media posts; new technologies and special-platform seminars assistance; other industry-specific projects. 
4. Academia, including development, editing and proof reading of research papers, presentations and essays; source search and management; curriculum and syllabus development; class assignments and term papers; other academic projects.
5. Politics, including public speaking assignments; media opportunities; press releases; all other projects including policy, ethics, service-record and image-protection assignments. 

Native language: Czech
Translates from: English, Czech, Other
Translates into: English, Czech, Other

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