Steven Long (publisher)

Avery Anne Publishers
I am an "Out of the box" thinking Publisher. We Serve Authors who are Veterans or Active members of the Military and Their Familes.

Steven long

I was in the Computer industry,Mental Health Profession,and Celluar for many years. You have probably read something that I wrote and did not know it. I wrote Call Center scripts,tech manuals,and corporate training policy.

After a disabling condition left me with alot of time on my hands.  I started Avery Anne Publishers as a Not for profit Publisher with the help of some friends in the industry. I wanted to serve my author's that were having a hard time or need that nudge. All our Profits go to support this effort. I myself am a Disabled Army Veteran and thanks to the power of the internet anyone can succeed with the right drive.

We identify,cultivate,and publish both new and established Authors & Artist. We bring high quality content to the public. We have had really good success with our English Versions outside of the United States. So getting our books in another language was the next step for us.

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