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Silvia ricevuti

I'm 25 and every time I try and do the responsible thing and get a "real" job, one with an office, and a boss, and a salary, I feel deeply unhappy. So I have decided to embrace my wild and, according to some, irresponsable nature and work as a freelancer in writing. My mind went back to my university days when I was studying Creative Writing in London and I would translate daily: short stories, my essays, my classmates' essays, Italian articles and stories that I wanted my English classmates to read. Life as an Italian student at an English university was like that. I loved that! So, as I get back into studying to sharpen my translating abilities, I decided to explore Babelcube as well, and put to good use my combined passion for books and translating. 

Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, Italian
Translates into: English, Italian

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Main translator
Author review:
Lovely working with Silvia. Punctual, professional and also helpful with insightful questions. Definitely recommended!
Main translator
Author review:
Silvia Ricevuti did an outstanding job translating my collection of short stories into Italian. She not only checked with me to make sure that the language matched with the meaning, but she carefully formatted the book so that it looked neat and professional. Silvia is easy to work with and holds to high standards.