Saskia Di Stefano (translator)


Translation student at Universidad Latina de Panamá.

Saskia di stefano

Throughtout my years of study I have been taught to translate different types of documents and topics. I've had the opportunity to help translate a book for the Beloit Domestic Violence Survivor Center and I've also translated a couple of literary works, such as novels and short stories. I also translated "Stealing Jenny" written by Ellen Gable, in this platform.

I'm constantly looking to improve my translation skills and I'm open to receive constructive criticism. I love literature and I make offers to novels that I find fascinating and engaging.

As a translator, I try to be as careful and thorough as I can, therefore, I ask a lot of questions.

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English
Translates into: Spanish

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Main translator
Author review:
Easy to work with and very thorough! Highly recommend!!
Main translator
Author review:
I love Ms. di Stefano!! She was absolutely thorough and professional at every turn. She was also very patient with my newness to this unfamiliar platform. I feel I was very fortunate to have her as a translator for my work.

You couldn't do better. Highly recommend.
Main translator
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