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Freelance Journalist, Translator and Language Tutor


Hello everyone!

My name is Sara. Few details about me...

I am Italian. Since I started the university I have moved to different cities in order to complete my education and professional experience. I've lived in a lot of cities within my country. After graduating I went to London to continue my studies. I lived there for few years, during which I worked in different local newspapers. 

I have a professional knowledge of English, gained both during my university career and my experience abroad. I have excellent writing skills (I wrote various reports and participated to seminars in English). 

I also have some experience in translation: at university I studied translation theories and practice and did different translations of texts, mainly in these language combinations EN>IT and IT>EN. 

I did a work experience as language tutor; there I was asked to prepare activities for adult professionals who were studying English as second language and help foreign students to familiarise with Italian language and culture. 

I really look forward to reading and translating your books. 


Best wishes, 


Native language: Italian
Translates from: English
Translates into: Italian

Books fully translated by this user:

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Main translator
Author review:
Great. Happy with the time and service.
Main translator
Author review:
Excellent and faithful translation of my book Political Economy of a Post-Colonial State-Economic Development of Pakistan was done by Sara.
Main translator
Author review:
Excellent work. To be published soon.