Salvador Sánchez (translator)


My name is Salvador Sánchez Jiménez. I have been a teacher of English as a foreign language for about five years.

Salvador sánchez

I was born in Xalapa, Veracruz in Mexico. Since i was a child I have been atracted to the English language due to the music that my father used to listen (Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Creedence, and so on) As I grew up, i did not have the opportunity to learn English mostly due to economic reasons sisnce it is quite expensive. By the time I reached the age of eighteen, I had the opportunity to  live and study in the Uniited States so I did for about three years. While I was there, I had the chance to be an interpreter and help people to apply for jobs, appartments and even heathcare appointments. After that, I came back to Mexico and studied at the University of Veracruz and got a B.A. in English. I have been a teacher since 2015. I have worked with children, teenagers and adults. During college, I became highly interested in translation and took as many courses as possible. it has always been my goal to beome a professional translator and in case of getting the opportunity from you, I will do my best to give you great results in every translation I could do.  

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English
Translates into: English, Spanish

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